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In today’s fast world, type 2 diabetes slowly invades in one’s life and before you could look for classic symptoms, it would have become too late and you would have contracted the dreaded disease unwittingly.What all you need is a little extra care and a honest approach to identify the possible symptoms that may indicate type 2 diabetes in you and once you learn how to interpret the symptoms correctly, then you can exercise more caution to avoid any untoward incidents.

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Here are three simple yet very pronounced type 2 diabetes symptoms that you can understand better and make use of them to ascertain where you stand in your diabetes risk. If you find any one or more than one of these symptoms match with your symptoms, then you stand or carry the great risk of contracting diabetes and it is time you did something meaningful towards avoiding the perils of diabetes in you.

Watch How Your Wound Heals

It is quite common for you to get minor wounds in your life and you must watch how your wounds heal in real time. For instance, if you observe that your wound takes little longer for healing, then it is advisable to take an appointment with your doctor. Further, you can also observe whether you get regular gum inflammation or urinary infection, as these symptoms can be an indication for the possible onset of diabetes in you.

Your body’s natural healing mechanism against infections and wounds is taken care by white blood cells and these cells lose its efficiency under high blood glucose levels. Hence in the event of presence of high glucose level, you may experience a slow healing of wounds and you may even fall ill very often.

Getting Thirsty Often?

The next classic diabetes symptom is frequent urination coupled with constant thirst feeling. Unquenched thirst could be a possible manifestation of diabetes in you, as the high blood glucose will dehydrate you quickly and reduce your water retention capacity.

History of Heart Disease

Do you have any history of heart disease in your family or have you been tested positive for any heart-related ailments? If your answer is in affirmative then it is better you seek an appointment with your family doctor and get yourself thoroughly diagnosed for diabetes too, because often the heart disease leads to onset of diabetes sooner or later. Hence it is always advisable to get your blood glucose level checked on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are not a hapless victim of type 2 diabetes.





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