Four Simple Strategies to Save Your Kidneys from Diabetic Nephropathy

The medical terminology for kidney disease is Diabetic nephropathy and once you develop this, the repercussions will be phenomenal though not fatal. However, there are ways and means with which you can have control over your kidneys’ deterioration provided you take effective precaution well in advance based on the symptoms exhibited.

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As per the old adage “prevention is better than cure”, you can follow few simple yet effective preventive measures so that you can avoid the diabetic nephropathy affecting your kidneys. Here are four of those wisdom measures:

• Watch over your blood pressure and maintain it at a constant rate. Your kidney being an organ to excrete the harmful wastes from your body is already overloaded and hence by keeping your blood pressure at a low ebb, you will not further pressurize your kidneys to work overtime and thereby save them from deterioration. In case of noticed high blood pressure, take prescribed drugs to keep the blood pressure under check and at the same time avoid excess of sodium intake.

• Your blood glucose level is a yet another indicator that bespeaks your kidneys’ health. As a diabetic it should be your endeavor to keep your blood glucose level under check so as to save your kidneys from any possible health hazard and damage.

• Get your blood cholesterol tested regularly as any excess of it can interfere with your kidneys’ functions and damage your kidneys faster if they are already diseased. When it comes to cholesterol or blood fats, you must strive to get your LDL cholesterol reduced and simultaneously increase HDL cholesterol levels and there are medication such as “statins” available in market for the purpose.

• Never ignore your other illness such as urinary tract infection, as this can adversely damage your kidneys if you are diabetic. Get your excretory system, especially the kidneys in particular, tested regularly so as to identify any of the possible infections at its initial stage itself for taking preventive treatments. And sure such forethought could save your kidneys from getting damaged.

Being a diabetic, your kidneys will be already working beyond its capacity, and hence you should take effective precaution as enumerated above so that you can avoid your kidneys from taking any overload and thus save them from diabetic nephropathy. In the event of any lethargy, it will be too late for you to take any remedial measures and only a kidney transplant alone would suffice at the end.






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