Great 6 Inspection Points that Show Up Your Internal Diabetes

Many people have made it a point to get their overall health checked on an ongoing basis and if you can know how your doctor makes use of his observation on these six following points to decide on your diabetes affliction, then you may be able to appreciate better the prognosis.

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Your doctor will initially test the fat and cholesterol levels in your blood and in any case you show up with more fats than ordinary, then your doctor may resort to frequent checks and few other specific checks to decide on the glucose level.

Feet Examination

Diabetics are more vulnerable to get infection and damage to their feet due to neurological disorder and hence your doctor will be more specific in this area to check your feet for any visible wounds or other forms of irregularity. If you are diabetic, your feet and legs will show off telltale signs and your doctor is experienced enough to read them correctly.

Microalbumin Test

Your doctor will subject your urine to few specific tests such as protein or microalbumin test and from this he/she can decide your kidney’s health and functioning of your excretory system.

Eye Examination

Once you are before your family doctor for a regular check up, you will also be asked to get your eyes checked from a qualified doctor so as to ascertain you are free from any eye diseases or complications too. Diabetes in you will show up as some kind of damage in your eyes and depending upon the test results your doctor can either alter or continue with your existing diabetes treatment.

Diabetes Plan

Once you contract diabetes, you have to keep a watch on your health and your doctor may prescribe a specific diabetes educational plan for you depending upon the level of complications that had set in. Further, your doctor may also coordinate with other specialists so as to arrive at the right plan for making your life easy and to contain the ill effects of diabetes.


Your doctor, during your yearly diabetes check up visit, will always prescribe a pneumonia vaccine and a flu shot. Though a yearly flu shot is shunned, you can always accept a pneumonia vaccination, at least once in your lifetime. Many doctors recommend flu shot with a pneumonia vaccine for people who are above the age of 65.






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