Handle with Care the Growth Cycle of your Diabetic Child

Up bringing a child with type 1 diabetes is really a tedious task, however the task can be made easy if you know and follow few essential information. Managing type 2 diabetes in adults could be far easier than managing of type 1 diabetes in children, as these children are in their prime growth stage and it should be your endeavor to provide all the necessary environment to your child to lead a deserving life.

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However, managing type 1 diabetes will become easier as your child grows old and if you can take care of few special stages, then you can certainly make your child free from all the ill effects of diabetes.

Once your child grows up and reach a stage where he/she is able to express his/her conditions and requirements, you can get to know their exact physical and physiological condition from their own words. Once you are aware of any symptoms of hypoglycemia, it will be easy for you start the treatment and have a better control over your child’s blood glucose levels.

Your child being a growing person should get all your love and affection and you cannot afford to make any mistakes both in diabetes treatment and as well as in providing the nutrition for growth. Ensure that your child gets all the necessary nutrition in correct proportion along with the required diabetes treatment so that the child can grow without any incidence of hypoglycemia.

Things to do when your Child Grows

As long as your child stays with you till some age, it will be easy for you to manage his/her diabetic condition, but all the problems will start cropping up only when your child prepares to leave you for reasons such as higher education, etc. Further, once your child reaches an age of 10, he/she will start mingling with friends more and stay outside for majority part of the day thus making your child’s diabetic care difficult.

Though majority of such type 1 diabetes children assume the charge of taking diabetic care all by themselves, it cannot suffice the real care that the parents could extend or give. Hence, as a responsible parent sit with your child and explain things and make him/her understand the real need for a quality diabetes treatment and with your child’s consent you can continue with your existing diabetic care unhindered.

Children with type 1 diabetes are always shy and such shyness may even play havoc in their social life and thus making your parental responsibilities little tougher and difficult.

Children with diabetes when they move with other kids may normally aspire to be like any other normal kids and may like to eat and play without restrictions. However, it is your responsibility to educate your child on her/his diabetic needs and restrictions and you should also never fail to get your child’s blood glucose levels monitored on a regular basis.






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