Here are Quick Ways to Assess Your Type 2 Diabetes Vulnerability

Type 2 diabetes is better known as an inherited disease and in case of any diabetics in your family history, then you also run a fair chance of contracting type 2 diabetes. Though occurrence of type 2 diabetes has a strong heredity back ground, you are also vulnerable to get type 2 diabetes due to certain environmental factors too.

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A typical type 2 diabetes person will have to spend at least 10 years of high and uncontrolled blood glucose levels and with a reasonable insulin resistance, you can get diabetes if you are obese, have bad eating habits, abuse drugs and lack physical exercise.

Hence, to be on the protective side, it is better you exercise caution if you have any of your relatives with type 2 diabetes. Further, you should get yourself screened periodically and try to maintain your health perfectly. In case you are not able to assess your genetic vulnerability to type 2 diabetes, then you can use the following to arrive at a decent conclusion:

1. If your father have had diabetes, then your chances of getting it is in the range of 4 to 6 percent. However, your mother does not stand any chance to get diabetes.

2. If you are born as identical twins and your other sibling has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes then your chances of getting diabetes is almost certain and 99 percent in the vulnerability scale.

3. If your mother is type 2 diabetic, then you stand a fair 10 percent chance to inherit the disease but your father doesn’t stand any chance to get the disease.

4. If your any of the brothers or sisters has had diabetes then 40 percent is your chance to get the same disease.

Diabetic Spouse

By the time you read all these things, you may start wondering at your chance of getting type 2 diabetes if your spouse have had it. The interesting part of the recent research is that if one of the partners is a diabetic, then the other healthy partner is also equally vulnerable to get type 2 diabetes similar to the heredity factors. Here, the study emphasizes on the shared poor environmental factors and the sedentary lifestyle as the possible causes for type 2 diabetes in other person.

Poor Nutrition in Young Age

You may be an adult with healthy habits today, but you may have to look back at your childhood days and if you have had endured any malnutrition days in your young age, then you are also likely to get type 2 diabetes. This is because any malnutrition in young age will adversely affect healthy formation of pancreatic glands that produce insulin and thus making you more vulnerable to diabetes.

Further, as you grow old, you also keep changing your food habits with high sugar and carbohydrates and when there is a demand on your pancreatic system to produce more insulin, your body mechanism may fail to catch up with your eating habits and the resultant reaction will be type 2 diabetes in you.






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