Here are the Four Foremost Factors that can Set Off Type 2 Diabetes

Doctors, for quite long, have been insisting on discussing your family’s health history in detail so as to get a clear picture about your vulnerability to diseases, especially type 2 diabetes. Since genetics has got a major role in causing type 2 diabetes in you, it is better you get yourself screened on an ongoing basis if diabetes run in your family history and you can identify the onslaught at its very initial stage itself for better management.

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Today, after an enormous research, the data on diabetes you have is really proven and reliable and hence the medical fraternity has got all the weapons to tackle the dreaded disease. Further, the research and the data also provide many invaluable information on various causes such as environmental factors, genetic reasons, etc., that trigger diabetes in a person and we will see few of them now.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Today’s lifestyle has made you to lead an inactive life or in other words a sedentary lifestyle. Whenever you choose to be inactive physically, you are more prone to build a high glucose level and stand a risky chance of contracting type 2 diabetes sooner or later.

High BMI

BMI or the Body Mass Index is the ratio calculated based on your height and the body weight and a high body mass index has got a direct relation to onset of type 2 diabetes in you. A study that has been conducted recently has established that persons who have had a genetically triggered type 2 diabetes were invariably leading a sedentary lifestyle with a higher BMI. Get to know about your flab better, particularly in relation to your weight and height, so as to evaluate your risk of contracting type 2 diabetes.

Visceral Fat

As you start building fat in your body, the excess fat gets deposited around your central body area in and around your abdomen. You can check this visceral fat by measuring your waistline regularly and any steady increase in your visceral fat or waistline is a sure warning sign for type 2 diabetes. Visceral fat is considered to be a dangerous factor for genetically vulnerable people as this can cause insulin resistance and result in type 2 diabetes.

Lack of Fiber

Your daily diet should consist of sufficient dietary fiber for preventing the glucose from entering into your bloodstream and once you disregard this factor you are more prone to get glucose levels accumulated in blood stream and get type 2 diabetes as a result.






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