Here is a Handy Checklist on Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Today the dreaded diabetes disease affects around 20 million Americans and the number keep rising without any let up. Diabetes, explained in a plain language, is your body’s inability either to produce or make use of insulin to break your blood glucose.

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Insulin is a hormone secreted by your pancreatic gland and this insulin is responsible for breaking your blood glucose and sending it as energy to all cells. In the event of any shortfall in insulin production or due to the ineffectiveness of insulin to react on the blood glucose, the blood glucose level will build up and lead to many other complications.

Whenever your blood glucose is not converted into energy all your cells will be deprived of fuel which may trigger other cyclic complication to set in besides making your blood thicker in consistency. Diabetes disease makes its presence in a slow manner and any tests for presence of glucose in your blood may show higher or lower results depending upon the situation. Though there is no cure for diabetes, there are various means with which you can keep all the ill effects of diabetes at bay and lead a near normal life.

If you are little cautious, you can easily identify your early diabetes symptoms and get ready to tackle the problem before it could assume an alarming proportion. Few of the early symptoms are discussed here for your betterment:

One of the classic early symptoms of diabetes is frequent and excessive thirst. Under a diabetic condition, your excess glucose will derive water from cells more and this dehydrated condition will in turn trigger thirst to cope with the water loss. Besides this frequent thirst, you will also suffer from frequent and excess urination due to the reason of excess water intake and your cells’ inability to absorb water effectively.

Fatigue is a yet another early and common symptom of diabetes. If you feel tired or fatigued for no valid reasons, then probably you may be running diabetes in you. This is because, your body cells will be deprived of its legitimate energy by the high blood glucose level and your brain will trigger to a survival mode, which is felt as fatigue. Further, due to lack of necessary energy for your daily activities coupled with frequent urination and water intake, you will also not get a peaceful sleep during night thus making you feel sleepy all through the day.

Besides what has been enumerated above, you will also feel or exhibit symptoms such as headaches, flu, muscle aches and aches in joints. As your body cells starve of its energy your brain will start reading your sluggish liver functions and the high blood glucose levels as symptoms of flu and thus disrupt you from doing your regular activities. Sometimes you may also get caught in a vicious cycle and start living a low active life without even recognizing that you have got diabetes.

It is also common for you to develop problems in your vision if you have diabetes. For instance, if you experience frequent blurring in your vision then one possible reason could be that diabetes has started affecting you. Diabetes has an ability to grow new blood cells over the retina thus leading to blindness which when diagnosed correctly, you stand a chance to reverse the damage.






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