Here is a Quick Overview of Your Diabetes Checkup

With increase in diabetes incidence, it has become a routine for you to get yourself screened for presence of diabetes and if you could anticipate what your doctor will check or look for in you can certainly make you understand the procedure better.Here is a small list of tests or evaluation that your doctor will make on you whenever you go and sit for your regular diabetes screening.

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During every visit you make, invariably your doctor will take your body weight and evaluate whether you have put on weight or not. In any diabetes treatment, losing weight is important and hence depending upon your weight gain or loss your doctor will alter the diabetes treatment schedule and plan.

Blood Pressure

You may be aware that your other than normal blood pressure is a sure indication of any underlying medical condition and the same blood pressure is also made use to evaluate and treat your diabetes problem. The recorded blood pressure numbers will throw more light on your heart condition and your doctor will be able to alter your diabetes treatment plan accordingly. For instance, if your blood pressure is on a higher scale, you may be put on a diet and be asked to exercise more and in extreme cases you may even be prescribed with medication to control your blood pressure.


Your doctor is the right person to get all your doubts clarified and all your apprehensions alleviated. Do not do the mistake of keeping quiet before your doctor. Instead, ask questions and get all your concerns made known to your doctor for him to make a better evaluation of your diabetes condition. It is always preferable to jot down your concerns on a paper before hand and by this way you may not miss any of your concerns getting clarified from your doctor.

It is quite possible that your doctor might fail or ignore to ask some pertinent questions such as your eyesight, etc., which also play a vital role in your diabetes management, and once you bring forth all those pertinent issues too, then what you get is a foolproof treatment that will go a long way in getting your diabetes problem managed well.

A1C Level

This is nothing but your average blood sugar level evaluated over a period of 3 to 4 months time and this test will equip your doctor to have his/her future course of diabetes treatment on you. Your doctor will perform this test at least twice in a year and in case of severity of disease the frequency may be increased to either 4 or 5 times in a year for better diabetes management.






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