Here is a Quick Way to Identify Your Diabetes Induced Ketoacidosis

Ketoacidosis, hitherto little known diabetes related complication is becoming more common today in people who have got diabetes especially with type 1 diabetes. Ketoacidosis is nothing but build up of high acid levels in your blood due to presence of high glucose and less or no insulin.

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The word “keto” rightfully refers to “ketones”, a fatty substance being created by your body and which gets broken down during ketoacidosis process. Further in the process of ketoacidosis, your blood will become more acidic due to the presence of ketones.

Whenever your doctor find ketoacidosis in you, then you will certainly be subjected to diabetes test too because ketoacidosis is a sure sign of presence of diabetes in a person, that too more specific to type 1 diabetes. It is normal for you to develop ketoacidosis if you are diabetic and are above the age of 40.

Type 1 Diabetes and Ketoacidosis

As said earlier, ketoacidosis is more prevalent in type 1 diabetic people than type 2 diabetics, and one of the recent studies points out the reason to the absence of insulin in type 1 diabetic people. Type 1 diabetes is understood as insufficient or no insulin in your body and this condition triggers onset of ketoacidosis, where as in type 2 diabetic people there will be insulin in body, however the same may not be effective at all and thus prevents the type 2 diabetic person from getting ketoacidosis.

Here is a quick checklist that can be made use for identifying your ketoacidosis symptoms if you are above the age of 40 and have diabetes.

1. Watch your breathing: High acidity in blood will make you breathe fast for the reason that your natural defense mechanism will first try to get rid of the acid through the lungs. A person named Kassmaul first identified this particular symptom and the process of acid getting blown into the lungs is known as “Kassmaul Breathing”, aptly named after the person who identified it.

2. Vomiting: Due to a high build up of acid in your blood you will feel like vomiting that may accompany with nausea too. With a high acid level in your blood, you may also stand exposed to losing vital fluids and other substances that may be necessary for you to stay stable.

3. Tiredness and Drowsiness: Ketoacidosis normally reveal itself in the form of two classic tiredness and drowsiness symptoms. Once your blood gets acidic it will become more thick in consistency and the thick layer of blood that surrounds your brain will cause drowsiness and tiredness in you.

4. Fatigue and weakness: Ketoacidosis will prevent your body from deriving any energy and hence all your muscles will be deprived of its legitimate energy or fuel thus making you weak and feel tired all the time.






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