How Alcohol Consumption can Adversely Affect Type 2 Diabetics

The moment you get to know about your type 2 diabetes affliction, immediately you may start wondering as to whether or not you can consume alcohol. Alcohol is known for its blood glucose altering property and if you are diabetic and consume alcohol your blood glucose levels will get either increased or decreased depending upon the food that you have taken.

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There is no standard prescription when it comes to alcoholic drinks for diabetics, but you can make use of the following so as to avoid complications:

• As a diabetic, it is always better you consult your doctor before your intend consuming any alcoholic drinks because your doctor or the personal health care specialist is the right person who knows your health condition and be able to advice you on this. Further they can assess your present condition and may guide you on the lines of safety standards.

• Please ensure that your blood glucose level is in its target range and note not to consume any alcoholic drink if you happen to have your blood glucose level either at a high or a low level.

• It is always a good practice to limit your alcohol intake, whether you are a diabetic or not. Further, if you are a male you can restrict your alcohol drinks to a mere two drinks and in case of female it is better you restrict it to just one drink. However, you must take precaution not to exceed the size and strength of the alcohol drink under the pretext of taking “only one” drink, as the same may prove to be dangerous.

• Never do the mistake of consuming alcohol in your empty stomach and as far as possible try to drink your alcohol with some type of carbohydrate snack.

• If you are diabetic and when you consume alcohol, the drink as it enters your blood makes it difficult to get your blood glucose level monitored or assessed correctly and thus making the situation risky in case of any unwarranted emergency. Hence, it is always preferable to have a person who is aware of your diabetic condition nearby at the time of your alcohol consumption so as to get the necessary treatment in case of any drop in your blood sugar level.

• A yet another precaution is that as a diabetic you should try to avoid alcoholic drinks that are rich in sugar content or that has been added with wine coolers or fructose mixtures because such drinks would alter your blood sugar erratically.

• If you are pregnant, and whether or not you are diabetic, it is highly preferable that you abstain from any alcoholic drink until you deliver the baby.

• In case you are diabetic and also have some other medical conditions, then it is better if you can avoid alcohol altogether, as alcohol can cause unanticipated complications if you have any medical condition in combination with diabetes.






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