How does the Diabetes Education Act of 1991 Protects Your Diabetic Child

Raising a diabetic child and bringing it to its adulthood is really a tough task for the parents and the tough task will be more concentrated during the initial stages of schooling. Your child, being very young and inexperienced to the harsh outer world, may have a tough time dealing with diabetic needs in his/her school days.

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It is also quite possible for your child to continue diabetes treatment even during school timings thus hindering your child’s education and socialization process too. Further, your child stands the risk of getting the insecure feeling and there is every chance that your child might develop a feeling to withdraw from the crowd.

In addition to the above mentioned woes, the school where your child undergoes his/her formal education may also not be able to cater to the needs of a diabetic student and in such a circumstance it will put some extra pressure on you to see that your child gets all the necessary and legitimate life it deserves. However, there are many schools that are fully conversant with the rules, regulations and their responsibilities in helping a diabetic student and you can look for such school and get your diabetic child admitted.

The federal law “Diabetes Education Act of 1991” is the law that binds every school and educational institution in providing the needy help to all its diabetic students and in the event of their any non-compliance, the institution will be penalized and punished severely. According to this law, diabetes in a child is regarded as a disability and hence the schools are supposed to treat such a diabetic child as a disabled person and extend all the necessary and legitimate help so as to make the diabetic child perform in all spheres.

There is a yet another section in this law that directs all schools to create what is called a “Section 504 Plan” that has been designed to meet some of the varied and special needs of any a diabetic child. Further, the law also aims at educating the existing faculty of the school to make meaningful association with that of the diabetic child and as a part of this you can even get your child picked by the school bus driver and get dropped at home after the school is over. You can certainly find such schools a real relief as every faculty of the school is aware of the needs of a diabetic child and is willingly ready to help out your diabetic child’s all needs.

The law or the diabetes education act of 1991 does cover only the schools that receives the aid where as the act could not extend its arms to control private schools. However, you can still find many private schools having their own contingency plans for diabetic child and you are also free to insist them for providing the assistance as per section 504 plan. Though it is not mandatory for such private schools to accede to your requests, it will be better for you if you could enquire in advance and admit your child to a private school that offers a 504 plan.






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