How these 2 Treatment Schedules can Save Senior Citizens from Diabolic Diabetes

Diabetic senior citizens need extra care in their diabetes treatment schedules, as factors such as mental attitude, ability to withstand effects of drugs, their life expectancy, memory loss, etc., play a vital role in determining the efficacy of treatment.Many quality medical advancements have seen a surge in life expectancy of people and if you have long living old people in your family history then you are more likely to live longer as a senior citizen and hit a century before meeting the inevitable.

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Under the circumstance of such a longer lifespan left, you have ample time for the diabetes disease to show up with symptoms and conditions for making a diabetes treatment necessary.
When you fall under this category, then your doctor may take up a more intensive and defined diabetes treatment that may get well extended into your future lifespan so that you get to live a quality life without getting much affected by travails of diabetes.

Any diabetes treatment in specific relation to senior citizens will necessarily fall under the following two categories:

1. The care that has been extended in the first level of elderly diabetic care will be broadly known as “basic” care. Here in this basic stage of care, you will be adequately treated so as to help you maintain proper health without looking much into your future needs.

The basic care will enable you to get protected from any excessive dehydration, help you control your excessive urination, keep your pains at low ebb and assist you to live your life without depending much on others.

2. The second level in comparison with the earlier one will be of “intensive” in nature and stands apart from your regular basic care. Intensive care is actually meant for you only when your doctor has assessed that you will live for another 5 years minimum, because the diabetic condition in senior citizens who has got more than 5 years to live may show up with complications that may need addressing and hence is the need for intensive elderly diabetic care.

If you are a senior citizen with diabetes and has got more lifespan left, then you may need extra treatment so as to keep your blood glucose levels under control and save you from any hypoglycemia.






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