How to Identify and Eliminate Diabetes related Depression from You

No doubt it is difficult to digest your diabetes affliction, but are you going to succumb to your illness or are you going to fight it out? Though many people find it difficult to live with diabetes, in real sense living a life with diabetes is not at all difficult provided you take few precautions and effective steps to drive all your diabetes related depression from your mind and ultimately from your life.You have to simply adhere to your treatment plans without any break and at the same time tackle your depression in a more positive way.

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In your life, it will be quite common for you to feel depressed at certain points of time, as it has become an integral part of your life like stress. However, you should never take your depression lightly, because any prolonged depression could cause havoc in you if you have diabetes and very soon you will have to tackle with a yet another serious medical condition other than your existing diabetes.

You must also be aware that your diabetes could considerably increase your exposure risks to depression and one of the studies suggest that one in every three diabetics suffers from deep depression. Depression, as it is considered a serious medical condition, could turn out to be a deadly disease similar to your high blood pressure or heart disease.

Once you get depressed, you may find it difficult to perform even few simplest of your tasks and sometimes you may even not willing to get up from your bed in the morning. You will feel fatigued for no valid reasons and your entire life will become a struggle making your diabetes treatment still more complicated and difficult.

However, the good news is that you can decide to ward off all your initial signs of depression, provided you know them correctly, and get saved from a more serious condition of being branded as “clinically depressed”. The following classic symptoms should be able to guide you in this regard:

1. Do a self-introspection and assess that all your life’s funny things are able to fascinate you even now.

2. Are you consuming more food than normal? Irregular and over eating is a sign of depression.

3. Do you get tired even in accomplishing simple and easy tasks? Do you get fatigued often?

4. Do you feel loss of appetite and started losing weight drastically?

5. Do you feel disinterested or an unexplained sadness for at least 2 weeks in a row?

6. Do you feel like sleeping all the day and never wanted to get out of bed in the morning?

7. Do you sleep less and never be able to sleep more than an hour continuously?

8. Do you postpone things and find it difficult to take even smaller decisions or have a feeling of concentration loss?

9. Does small things kindle rage in you and make you upset over trivial things?

10. Do you feel like avoiding people especially your friends and family members?






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