How to Strike the Right Insulin Balance for Your Type 1 Diabetes

It has become a life time necessity for you to depend on externally administered insulin if you have type 1 diabetes and in order to save you from any incidence of either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia you need to exercise caution in your insulin administration. Further, if you are an exercising freak, then you should be doubly cautious in maintaining your blood glucose level.

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Exercise can drain your energy considerably and hence being a type 1 diabetic you should avoid higher dose of insulin before any of your physical workout or exercise as the same can result in hypoglycemia. Further, you also stand the risk of your glucose level increasing during your exercise program due to insufficient insulin for the reason that your glucose level will not be utilised for energy.

As you are now caught between the excess and insufficient insulin levels, you may wonder as what to do and how to ascertain the proper insulin dose before your exercise programmes. The details furnished below are sure to guide you in this regard and you may also find them useful in your daily life.

Many research studies have proved that it will be better to get your insulin dose reduced before any exercise programme. A insulin dose that is slightly lesser than your normal should suffice so as to save you from hypoglycemia. However, there is no standard measure that you can apply here as the effect of insulin on type 1 diabetics will differ from person to person and you can decide on your right dose of insulin before your exercise only through few trial and error methods. And once you strike at the correct insulin dosage, then you can maintain it and start enjoying a greater physical fitness.

Assistive Tips

Besides meddling with your insulin levels for carrying out physical exercises, there are also other avenues to avoid getting hypoglycemia. For instance, you can eat little portion of carbohydrates before you start your exercise programme, as these carbohydrates can increase your blood glucose levels sufficiently fast and make it available for use during your exercise schedules and by this you could avoid altering your insulin intake.

The next assistive tip is that you can choose the insulin injection spot favorably depending upon your exercise programme. A study has revealed that getting insulin administered into the areas that will get stressed out during exercise will give you beneficial results. For example, if you are planning to take up running, then you should get your insulin shots administered in your legs, as these areas are the most stressed out during your running and the administered insulin will be made available for your system almost immediately.






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