Identify Your Diabetic Nerve Damage Like a Professional Doctor

Today diabetes is known as a more complicated disease, because the disease can serve as a springboard for many other complications including the dreaded Neuropathy or nerve damage. It has been identified that presence of high glucose in your blood for a prolonged period is capable of triggering a nerve disease and the condition is called as diabetic neuropathy.

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Identifying or diagnosing a nerve disorder in you is a complicated process and the technique by name NCV (nerve conduction velocity) is applied to find out the disorder. The term NCV represents the impulse carrying or conducting capacity of your nerve fibers and in most of the cases people may not exhibit any visible symptoms of such disorder initially.

The nerve disorder is a slow process and your impulse carrying capacity will slow down over a period of time and hence it is a must for you to get your NCV tested for presence of neuropathy if you are a diabetic. Though there are medications available today to take care of treating your neuropathy, it is better you get yourself tested and take better precautionary measures.

In one of the recent findings, it was found out that Diabetic neuropathy generally affects people of age 40 and above and is normally seen more prevalent in taller individuals, the possible reason being that taller people have more lengthy nerves that make them more vulnerable to faster nerve damage. Added to the various reasons, it was also found that alcohol can hasten onset of neuropathy faster in you and hence you should avoid alcohol altogether.

How Your Nerve Functioning is Tested?

Your body is a bundle of various nerves and there are various nerves to take care of your entire body’s day to day requirements such as sensation, taste, touch, sight, etc. Doctors test diabetic neuropathy in you by various means and we will see few of the diagnostic tools here now.

Vibration Testing: It is one of the simplest form of tests where in a tuning fork is used to find out any abnormalities of your nerves especially larger nerve fibers.

Temperature Testing: This is an important testing technique with which your doctor can ascertain your body’s smaller nerve fibers’ conducting capabilities. The smaller nerve fibers of your body play a vital role in many of your daily experiences such as feeling of hotness or high temperatures, etc., and hence doctors are very specific to get this test conducted on you without fail.

Touch Testing: Testing for very light touch sensation is also a crucial one to decide on your neuropathy and with this method your doctor will be able to determine the health of your larger nerve fibers. Your brain receive all your touch sensation signals only through your large nerves and if your nerves are good you can feel or sense even a gram of pressure exerted through a delicate filament.






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