Learn to Circumspect Your Kidney Disease with these Early Symptoms

Diabetes is considered to be a silent killer disease and it is also known for its capacity to bring forth kidney damage, which is medically called as “diabetic nephropathy”.It is unfortunate that many people ignore their early warning signs of kidney damage and make a big hue and cry only after things get beyond any cure. For instance, if you can get your urine tested for presence of microalbuminuria, then you can immediately get to know more about your diabetes and your kidney status.

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If you are healthy and your kidneys are good, your urine will have very little albumin, which is nothing but a type of protein, and in case of diabetes that causes nephropathy, your urine will have higher amount albumin causing microalbuminuria.

However, a word of caution is that during your initial stages of diabetic nephropathy, you may show up only very minimal albumin level in your urine, a level too small for any test to recognize, and under such circumstance your doctor may consider your kidneys to be normal. Hence, if you are diabetic, it is better you ask your doctor to go for few other sensitive and advanced tests that may bring out even the traces of albumin in your urine so as to get the possible treatment at right time.

These advanced sensitive tests will be conducted on your urine taken over a prolonged period of time for the reason that urine obtained within a short time may throw false results. For instance, urine obtained after strenuous exercise may show up with little extra albumin and hence consecutive tests conducted with regular intervals alone should be taken into account to decide the fate of your kidneys.

In any case you get positive results for presence of high albumin in your urine, then your doctor will immediately put you under treatment for protecting your kidneys. However, once you have been identified as a patient with macroalbuminuria, then there is no scope for totally preventing the disease, but your doctor can slow down the progress with drugs so as to enable you to lead a near normal life.

If you are a person suffering from Type 1 diabetics for at least five years from now, then it is better you get yourself tested for macroalbuminuria because it is quite common for people to develop macroalbuminuria within 5 years of onset of their diabetes. In case of type 2 diabetes, it is always better to get tested on an ongoing basis to assess the health of kidneys.






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