Little Known Dangers of Your Diabetes Causing Irreversible Kidney Disease

Once you are afflicted with diabetes, then there are numerous other complications that will start descending on you uninvitedly. Today’s medical fraternity were not able to fully understand why such other complications arise out of your diabetes, however concerted researches are being directed towards finding the possible causes and treatment solutions for betterment of human life.

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Out of various researches and studies that are being conducted regularly, one of the studies have concretely concluded that a continuous 10 year diabetic condition on an average is instrumental in making you to show up symptoms of illness caused out of high blood sugar. And one of the possible post diabetic complications is the classic kidney disease, few details of which we will see now.

Kidney Disease

Your two kidneys form a part of an important excretory system and the main job of your kidneys is to flush toxins and chemicals from your blood. Your kidneys, in real sense will act as filters and after filtering the unnecessary waste elements from your blood they flush these wastes through your excretory system. Besides the function of pumping back the purified blood into your body, your kidneys also does the other important job of regulating water and salt content of your body.

Since your kidneys play a vital role in regulating your body’s toxin level, they also run the risk of getting exposed to the high level of blood glucose and in the process your kidneys catch up disease and start failing in its excretory function. Once your kidneys fail in its prime activity of filtering toxins and other unwanted salts from your blood, you may have to resort to removing your blood toxins through external sources by engaging machines meant for such purposes. The process of purifying your blood through external sources is known as dialysis and with dialysis you can get your water and salt contents of your blood filtered and removed.

Hence, it so happens that around 50 percent of diabetic people have had kidney failure and are depending on dialysis alone. However, the heartening news is that this figure is showing a downward trend due to the concerted education and awareness amongst the people who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Normally diabetes is of two types and they are type 1 and type 2 diabetes and the rate of kidney failures also vary according to the diabetes type. A recent study has revealed that amongst the type 1 diabetes people, a section of around 5 percent people alone tend to show up with kidney failures, where as in case of type 2 diabetes, this number is a staggering 30 percent, which is a cause for concern.






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