Little known Details of Insulin Types and its Action Process

When you hear the word insulin and if you think that there are only one type of it, then it is better you get to know more about the various types of insulin and some details on how it acts in your system.

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Diabetes and blood glucose levels are never constant and the levels will constantly keep changing in your blood necessitating use of various types of insulin to correct the situation accordingly. Below is a small write-up on insulin types and you can certainly find them useful in your diabetic treatment process.

1. Rapid acting insulin (Lispro): As the name suggests this type of insulin acts really very fast and will be able to bring down your blood glucose level within 5 minutes of its administration. The effect of this type of insulin will remain effective up to 1 hour and the insulin will lose its efficacy slowly and be void after 2 to 2 ½ hours of its administration. The advantage of using this type of Lispro insulin is that you will be saved form getting any hypoglycemia, as the action will be fast and quick ending.

2. Short acting insulin (regular): This insulin type is little slow in its action when compared to the previously dealt Lispro, and it takes nearly half an hour and the effect stays longer. The insulin’s peak performance is felt after 3 hours of its administration and the effect ceases after an approximate 7 hours.

3. Intermediate acting NPH and Lente insulins: These two types of insulins are better alternatives to simulate your body's natural process of insulin. Once administered, the insulin will get released into the blood stream at a constant rate thereby reducing the glucose level effectively after two hours and keep acting for the next 24 hours. The peak action comes after 12 hours of its administration and the effect keeps a check on your glucose levels for the next 12 hours and gives you a protection for a full 24 hours continuously.

4. Long-acting Ultralente insulin: This type of insulin carries the tag of “original formulation” and is normally administered at the rate of one shot a day. Though the initial effect of 6 hours is little longer, what you get at the end is a full protection for 25 hours due to its low and constant level of protection continuously. However, it was also observed that in few patients this type of insulin loses its efficacy before the expected 25 hours similar to intermediate acting insulin type.

5. Long acting insulin glargine: This type of insulin is the most sought after one, especially by type 1 diabetic people. Though the action is very similar and comparable to the long-acting Ultralente insulin, you can get this type of insulin administered as a single shot and stay protected from any rise in glucose levels for a full 24 hours. A word of caution is that you should never combine this with any other insulin type and/or use same syringe that has been used for other type of insulin injections.

6. Mixed insulins: Today you also have premixed insulins to meet to the needs of various complicated diabetes management and for the people who find insulin self-administration difficult for various reasons such as poor vision or shaky hands.






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