7 Ways to Control Your Type 1 Diabetes

In an unlikely event of your getting type 1 diabetes, you need not feel that your life has come to an end, because there are many ways and means with which you can escape from the drudgery of your type 1 diabetes. Just take a closer look at things enumerated below and you can be sure of finding your life better and newer than ever.

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Positive Attitude - Your life is for living and not to get succumbed to an avoidable situation such as the travails of type 1 diabetes. Learn to be positive and make your home a place worth living by not allowing your diabetes condition come in your way in any manner. Set achievable health goals by resorting to fitness activities and seek help from friends and other family members that could betterment your existing life and tide over all your difficulties.

Treatment Needs - At the first instance get to know more about the various treatments and your need for the same with your type 1 diabetes condition in particular. Learn the various testing procedures and master the art of getting your blood glucose tested and the necessary insulin administered all by yourself.

Schedule - In any diabetes management, timing and perfect schedules play a vital role in preventing the detrimental effects of diabetes from surfacing and hence you should learn to perfect all your schedules correctly on the expected lines so as to get an effective control over your diabetes and to get saved from the vagaries of the disease.

Make a Record - Start jotting down all the happenings of the day in a meticulous manner and you can also add appropriate notes against each recording. For instance, you can make your remark as how you felt after taking a particular food and such a well maintained record can immensely help your doctor to decide his future course of treatment.

Choose the Right Insulin Regimen - Do not take any chance while deciding the right and apt insulin regimen for you. Take into account your daily schedule and other related matters and discuss with your doctor for the correct insulin administration. Be aware that today you have various types of insulin that work differently depending upon the need of the diabetics and hence choose the one that suits you the best.

Take Tests Regularly - Subject yourself to various tests regularly and keep a record of them in a consistent and chronological manner. Normally your doctor will prescribe new tests once in 3 to 4 months and based on the results your doctor will adjust the treatment schedule.

Assess Your Progress - Always keep a watchful eye on how you progress and it should be your continuous endeavor to get your fitness level and nutritional level enhanced at all times, as this could see you through your fight against the type 1 diabetes efficiently.






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