Telltale Symptoms that Indicate Type 1 Diabetes in You

Never knew as how to identify your type 1 diabetes? Worry not, help is here. Though a well qualified doctor alone could ascertain or carry out the appropriate tests for identifying type 1 diabetes, you can watch or look for the following revealing symptoms so as to be cautious and take preventive or corrective measures in time including fixing up an appointment with your doctor.

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Frequent and Excessive Urination: The classic symptom of type 1 diabetes in you will get exhibited in the form of frequent and excessive urination. Frequent urination is the resultant process of your kidney’s inability to redirect the additional glucose into your bloodstream. Whenever you have a blood glucose level that is higher than 180 mg/dl, which is beyond your kidney’s capability to process the blood glucose, you get more urine output.

In this typical situation, your urine will be highly concentrated with more glucose in it and your bladder will get filled up fast making you to urinate frequently.

Frequent Thirst Feeling: As you urinate more and lose more of water from your body system, you tend to feel the thirst quite often and drink water frequently. This again sets in a cycle in your body system to excrete water and create dehydration making you still thirstier.

Weight Reduction: Persons with type 1 diabetes will tend to lose weight more than the gain due to loss of glucose through urine. You may also feel loss of energy and as your system starts utilizing the stored fat from muscles for its daily energy requirement you will experience loss of weight drastically.

Unsatisfied Hunger: With loss of fat and demand for increased energy, your cells will be deprived of its legitimate nutrients making you feel hungry very frequently. Despite your regular meals and feeling full after a meal, you will quickly experience the hunger due to the poor flow of energy into your cells.

Unexplained Fatigue: If you have type 1 diabetes, often you will get fatigue and feel drained without any valid reason. Excess urination, loss of muscles and body weight and low energy levels can rob you of your necessary energy and make you feel weak and tired often. The resultant will be that you stay malnourished and lead a very inactive life.






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