The 9 Indispensable Diabetic Drug Details You should Know

It is quite common for you to know more about the drugs you take in and in the event of your being a diabetic, you would like to be more cautious and get to know all the available details about the drugs so as to avoid any possible complications. Here is a list and the most sought after details of nine major diabetic drugs that when mixed with your other regular drugs might cause unwanted reactions.

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Though every care has been taken to provide the vital information correctly, it is always better to get the issue discussed with your doctor for better treatment. However, the knowledge can certainly help you to tide over any crisis, if at all it happens, and you are sure to stand gained in knowledge as which of your diabetic medicine could be combined safely with other medicines.

It has been found out that the majority of common prescribed medicines, including the medicines prescribed for controlling the blood pressure, can cause or aggravate the diabetic conditions in a diabetic patient, which could have otherwise been avoided positively. If you are a diabetic then it is better you get to know more about the behaviour of these drugs and the risks involved for better management:

1. Beta Blockers: Compositions such as Tenormin, Inderal and Lopressor are categorized as beta blockers and hence such drugs are capable of interfering with insulin release and reduce its level.

2. Minoxidil: This medicine is capable of raising your blood glucose levels and hence you should be aware when to take it.

3. Thiazide Diuretics: Medicines such as Oretic, Zaroxolyn, Diuril and hydroDiuril are categorized as Thiazide Diuretics and they are known for its glucose level raising properties besides reducing or causing potassium depletion in you.

4. Calcium channel blockers: Drugs such as Adalat, Isoptin, Calan and Norvasc comes under the calcium channel blocker category and hence known for its property to reduce insulin secretion.

5. Oral contraceptives: Present day contraceptives, especially oral contraceptives are known for its safety, but the earlier versions were known to cause hypoglycemia due to the more than the required estrogen doses taken.

6. Corticosteroids: Despite its topical application, these corticosteroids are capable of increasing your blood glucose level to a considerable level.

7. Niacin: This very common Vitamin B component, which has been regularly prescribed for managing cholesterol, is known for its property of causing hyperglycemia if you are diabetic.

8. Thyroid hormone: The risky part of any thyroid hormone is that the hormone in its higher level can interfere with pancreas gland and reduce insulin production thereby increasing glucose levels in your blood.

9. Diphenylhydantoin: Dilantin is the common name that has been assigned to this drug and it is known to help people with seizures. Further, it is also capable of reducing your insulin secretion.






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