Why it is Important for You to Bust these Two Common Diabetic Myths

Like any other disease, your diabetes also does have myths and the two very common one being bidding goodbye to your favorite foods and travel restrictions.

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Food Restrictions

Food can offer many things in your life and it is not necessary that you should forgo all your favorite and tasty foods if you are a diabetic, however the rule is that you should practice moderation in what you eat.

Though there are certain levels of restriction on what you eat if you have type 1 diabetes, the main idea here is see that the insulin intake level is good enough to keep your blood glucose level at check. Further, with the advent of many modern and quick acting insulin, your food choice is really unlimited but with one condition that you must take care to get your regular or enhanced insulin shots to keep your blood glucose level normal at all times.

In case of type 2 diabetes, you have an additional advantage of taking your insulin in oral form thus making you free to choose your time and favorite foods without the risk of increased blood glucose levels.

Travel Restrictions

Similar to myths about the food, this travel restriction is also a myth as far as diabetics are concerned. In fact this traveling myth got developed from the food restriction myth, because diabetics felt that due to food restriction they cannot undertake travel or have a freedom of movement. However, you can bust this myth provided you take the following few precautions before you plan your short trip:

• Start your initial journey, be it a small trip or a long airplane trip, with a controlled blood glucose level.

• Always carry your medications only with your personal belongings more preferably in your handbag. For example, if you are planning to travel by flight, then note to keep the necessary medicines along with the prescription clearly segregated in your hand/cabin luggage so as reach for them in case of emergency or need.

• If you happen to travel out of your own country and to an alien nation or place, get to know the doctors of that place in advance. If time and energy permit, try to learn the local language of the intended visiting place, with more emphasis on the medical terms relating to your diabetic conditions and this can certainly save you from any untoward incidents.






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